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Smriti Meditation

Ayurveda identifies root cause of the disease as Prjnaparadha (error of mind).  Piled up emotions interlocked with memories from our childhood to till date can influence the responses of body and mind.  That determines our physical and mental health. Ayurveda considers that every individual is capable of being aware of negative emotions within them and transform into positive.

Unfortunately in modern times we trained not to look inward. This lack of internal awareness is the major cause of many psychosomatic diseases.

Smriti meditation is a unique technic developed by Prof.K.V.Dilipkumar based on principles of Ayurvediс psychotherapy. The aim was to help non-meditators to transcend to subtle layers of consciousness. This helps the person to identify the root cause of the disease and uproot them.

This is an effective method in all most all psychosomatic diseases especially migraine, arthritis, asthma, thyroiditis, insomnia, panic attacks, depression, phobias, irritable bowel syndrome etc.


 February 5, 2016 the grand opening of the clinic Amani str. Miklukho Maclay , 6 in Moscow.

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